Stephen Pierce - Internet Marketer-Completes Internet Campaign to Feed 1 Million Children in 4 Day

May 29 - Singapore - Despite being one of the most well-known and successful Internet marketers in the world these days, Stephen Pierce still recalls what it’s like to go hungry.

That’s among the reasons why Pierce - who was in a group in Washington, who was once shot in the leg who has declared bankruptcy, and that went homeless before turning his life - has just completed an ambitious 4-day fundraising effort to feed 1 million hungry children around the world.

The campaign happened live in front of over 2,000 individuals, in less than 72 hours, by May 26-29 at the World Internet Mega Summit that took place this week at the Singapore Expo.

“To accomplish this goal of feeding a million children, I have written a free report called ‘The Power of the Third Impact’ where I discuss the secrets which turned my life over years ago,” Pierce said. “And every time someone visited our website and downloaded a free copy, I have given a plate of food to a hungry child.”

“Every day millions of children are going to bed hungry,” Pierce continued. “I want to provide 1 million kids with plates of food - and I’m using all that I have heard about Internet Marketing to spread the word with this free ‘viral advertising’ success report.

Here is how Pierce’s Feed the Children Charity campaign worked.

Not only did people who donated to the campaign feed hungry children, they will also fed their own heads with success secrets from among today’s leading Internet entrepreneurs.

Pierce’s free account includes such never before revealed information as:

* The way Pierce went from having two pennies to his title to earning millions of dollars online

* The best way to turn around your life with a simple shift of institution

* How to double your productivity and get more of the right things done

“Here is the most important thing,” Pierce explained. “Children around the world are dying because they do not have some food to eat. They’re afflicted … BUT that doesn’t need to be the end of the story! We can help. We can really make a difference. We can feed a starving child.”

Pierce never had a single doubt in his mind that he really could feed 1 million kids in just four days.

“Here in Singapore this week I wanted to demonstrate the sheer ability of technology to ease and to mobilize masses of people for a worthy charitable cause like feeding starving children in the developing world. We all know about the speed and interconnectivity of the Internet for business purposes or for internet retailing, but how much better is it to exploit those attributes to do something really worthwhile in life? I think that we’ve demonstrated the humane side of the Web over the course of just four days in Singapore,” said Pierce.

On accepting the funds on behalf of Feed The Children Kym Ng said, “I think it’s amazing what Stephen has achieved and a great lesson for all Singaporeans also on how the Web can be used for the benefit of humankind, as well as for business success. It is a joy for me to accept this generous donation on behalf of Feed The Children.”

For Stephen Pierce International Inc , Stephen Pierce raised over US$621,000 in an identical manner to this week’s Internet promotional design in Singapore.