Common Causes of Toddler Temper Tantrums

Temper tantrums and toddler s usually go hand in hand, as any parent of a toddler will certainly know.

But knowing exactly what is behind your children’s miniature meltdown can go a long way in helping you diffuse the situation - while still keeping your sanity!


A young child’s language ability often develops at a slower pace than their psychological abilities, and consequently they’re not able to articulate effectively exactly what it is they want or desire.

Think about how frustrating it must be to not have the ability to make yourself known!

A great deal of empathy and reassurance are the very best methods for handling frustration-type temper tantrums and educate your kid that they can come to you whenever they want assistance or support.


Tiredness is another frequent reason for temper tantrums in young children.

I know from experience that it can be tempting to let your child skip their daytime nap if you’re busy and have places to visit and things to do.

But if your kid is used to getting a little snooze through the day, depriving them of it usually results in a single grouchy, miserable little camper!

Try to factor in some time to allow them to rest every day and you should find they are less liable to fly off the handle at the slightest thing!


Seeing your child develop out of just a small baby who relies on you to do everything for them to a different toddler is fascinating and thoroughly rewarding. However, it often comes with a completely different set of challenges!

Now you’re handling an autonomous little person who knows their own mind and has very firm opinions on what they do and do not want. Cue several temper tantrums which involve a conflict of wills between you and them!

In such situations, I have found that it can be helpful if you let your child feel they are in control.

For example, instead of struggling to get them to wear a coat, give them of selection of two and allow them to decide which one they wish to wear. Your toddler feels like they’ve been a part of this decision-making process and have gotten their own way - though you understand differently!


A final common cause of toddler temper tantrums would be to seek attention.

Young children crave attention from you, and it matters not to them if it is negative or positive.

Should you suspect your toddler is playing up only to evoke a response from you, maintain your reactions to a minimum. Rather, shower them with praise and recognition for positive behavior and they will soon come to understand that being gloomy doesn’t get them the results they want.